Group Offer for a Package of 10 Polish Language Lessons for Foreigners

Take advantage of our current promotion! A package of 10 lessons starts from 350 PLN per person.

We are pleased to present our offer for a package of 10 Polish language lessons designed specifically for foreigners. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of individuals who wish to grasp the basics of the Polish language quickly and effectively in a friendly atmosphere.

Why Choose Our Courses?

Individual Approach

Each course participant receives individual support tailored to their needs and proficiency level.

Small Group

A maximum of 4 people per group, allowing for intensive learning and more attention from the instructor.


Choice of convenient lesson times (morning, afternoon, evening, also weekend classes).

Course Completion Certificate

Upon completion, each participant receives a certificate confirming their course completion.

1. Course Program

Our program includes 10 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes and conducted by an experienced Polish language instructor. The classes cover:

  1. Lesson 1-2: Basic Communication
    • Greetings and farewells
    • Introducing yourself and others
    • Basic polite phrases
  2. Lesson 3-4: Numbers, Days of the Week
    • Numbers from 1 to 100
    • Days of the week
    • Basic expressions of time
  3. Lesson 5-6: Shopping and Food
    • Vocabulary related to shopping
    • Basic food items
    • Ordering food in a restaurant
  4. Lesson 7-8: Leisure and Hobbies
    • Vocabulary related to hobbies
    • Describing your interests
    • Planning free time
  5. Lesson 9-10: Traveling and Transport
    • Vocabulary related to traveling
    • Buying tickets
    • Describing routes and means of transport

2. Teaching Materials

We provide all necessary teaching materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and additional multimedia resources to facilitate learning and retention of new information.

3. Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods are interactive and practical. We emphasize active student participation in lessons, using language games, dialogues, simulations, and conversational exercises.

4. Price

  • Group of 4 people – package 350 PLN per person (each lesson 90 min.)
  • Group of 3 people – package 450 PLN per person (each lesson 90 min.)
  • Group of 2 people – package 550 PLN per person (each lesson 60 min.)

Contact us today to start your Polish language journey!

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at.
We warmly invite you to take advantage of our offer and start learning Polish in a friendly environment.

Natalia Namielska

I’m student of Polish Philology on University of Lodz. Since I was a child, I’ve been interested in my native language and I’ve wanted to share my passion with other people. My dream has always been to work as a teacher. I love not only imparting knowledge to others but also learning from them to continue my own development. My enthusiasm to work with people and open approach to new cultures make that I want to help foreigners with this difficult path.

Wiktoria Kozłowska

Hi, I’m Wiktoria and I teach polish in Let’s speak. I have a bachelor’s degree in polish philology and I’ve been gaining my experience in teaching since three years. I love meeting new people, so I place importance on a friendly atmosphere during my lessons and I always have an individual approach to my students. Personally, I love literature, art and skiing. I hope to enthuse you with my polish language passion and learn together many things. See you!

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