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How to choose the best language school?

Writing about the best language school in Poland is far from an easy task. Choosing criteria that will determine the top properties of such school is also no mean feat. 


If you make a decision to learn a foreign language, your next step is to choose a school that provides desirable and what’s more bespoke language courses. Such courses are offered by Let’s speak Polish. This school delivers Polish lessons for two groups: adults and children. As we care for our students we only employ specialist teachers with passion, enthusiasm and broad experience.

Why do you want to learn a new language? Is it necessary for your new job? Do you live in Poland and you need to use the language in everyday situations? Or is it because you can’t communicate with your partner’s family fluently enough? Whatever the reason is, one thing is obvious; staying in Poland  for long largely involves you to use Polish language anywhere you are. Is it at a shop, in a restaurant, in a pub, at family meetings etc. If you choose a school in Poland which runs classes face to face or online, you will discover amazing mysteries of learning Polish with native speakers.


Obviously, I side with the approach that every language is great part of culture. Apart from books, music, games, acting there are also laws, cuisine,  attitudes and values. The most crucial is – of course – a pattern of social interaction, like greetings, wishes, behaviour at the table and many more.

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During our Polish classes we try to combine every component of language with the Polish culture. You will learn Polish through shopping, cooking, sightseeing, conversation, everyday life activities and social games experience and more. Our objective is to provide a full language immersion with no disturbance caused by the mother tongue.


Surprisingly, there is a large number of teachers who argue that being ‘a sage on the stage’ during classes is better than being ‘ the guide on the side’. Nowadays, our learners  expect from their teachers to be their friends, to be helpful and to drop hints. The teachers of Polish at ‘Let’s speak Polish’ keep up with the latest approach to teaching and implement various IT tools like Quizlet, Kahoot, Learning Apps to increase students’ concentration and engagement. We notice the tendency of having everything we want available at our fingertips.

We should bear in mind that the target of learning a new language is effective communication. When it comes to regurgitating new vocabulary without having a relatable context we are of the opinion that it  is a complete waste of time. Such method will never work out because students prove not to know how to use the words in a real situation. If we want our students to be more willing to use Polish during classes or outside, we should remember that context is more crucial than the form. Thanks to this the learners stay focused on process of teaching and the topic. They try to remember new vocabulary and use it in the other environment. Obviously, the context lingers in their memory since it is indeed connected with emotions and feelings.


Given that the IT technology offers a vast range of software and it provides further opportunities for teaching and learning a foreign language, it plays a crucial role in educational process.  On the other hand, let’s not forget that combining language with the other aspects of our life is part and parcel of learning. We can’t avoid the expansion of IT tools. We can, though, change them to learning tools. Using mobile phones is the most useful way of extracting information. Surely, our teachers are aware of the old ways of teaching and they know that those consigned to history. Check it!

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Delivering lecture, cramming for words consigned to history! Make your language learning experience exceptional and develop Polish in shopping, cooking, sightseeing, conversation, everyday life activities and social games experience and more.

We like organize classes at the railway station, on the market, at the cinema or the theatre.  More importantly, your kid will be able to learn Polish through Art like drawing, painting and the others.

Let’s be honest, appropriate method and flipped classroom prompt to discover our skills and possibilities.


Purchasing books and notebooks will no longer be a must. There are already many decent online repository at our disposal. It seems that one day face to face meetings will become obsolete. What is more, the traditional classroom lessons that are entrenched in students’ minds are on the verge of being flipped. If your concentration wavers and you have a problem with keeping yourself focused, we will change the setup and you will join the class where the lesson never drags on and on.  Apparently, blended learning is the most popular way of learning amongst young students. They are keen on Kahoot, Quizlet, Learning Apps, by the same token, they derive pleasure from it.


It is no brainer that our students like our materials. Our teachers bring slice of real life to every class. Apart from, typical books, handouts , we prefer teaching using authentic materials like: maps, tickets, leaflets, flyers, bills etc. These activities are highly stimulating.  It is no surprise that students feel more willing to work in pairs, to organize social games in a small group or the last but not the least to run quite interesting speaking exercises. In the best language school in Poland the teachers remember about specific needs of their students like preparing them for a Polish Certificate which is connected with bringing other materials for their learners.

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In my opinion, it is crucial to find a group that suits your language level and individual needs. The language schools propose to make a placement test, which shows your knowledge and skills. Obviously, this test is not an exam: your score should reflect your level. Learning in group at level that is too high or too law is not a good idea. Naturally, before you make a decision that you start your course in our school, we invite you to talk about your needs, methodology of teaching, your attitude of learning. Every aspect will be important, if you want to set a target.

We prefer to run classes in a small group, between 5 – 6 people. It is the optimal number for both teachers and students for effective environment during a lesson.


It is hard to say what way of learning is better. The proponents of online lessons argue that learning via Skype is surely much more comfortable and time saving but on the other hand we have to bear in mind that classes face to face take you possibility to observe body language. This is your decision!

We have a lot of Polish language schools in Poland. Choose the best!