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One of the Polish national poets wrote that the crucial is to give an appropriate word for a thing.

Although almost two centuries have passed since its time, the problem remains essential. Moreover, interpersonal communication and communication within a company are key performance indicators. The essence of good communication is indeed an act of correctly identifying and naming things that surround us or emotions we experience. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you completely forgot how to say something in your mother tongue? And it gets a lot harder when you need to use English, German, Spanish, or another foreign language.

Don’t worry!

With the steady help of our competent teachers, you will be able to discover and untangle the mysteries of foreign languages in a comfortable and fun environment.

We support language activities in several areas:

Moreover, we also help to check language skills in the recruiting process of new employees.
It is possible to organize language courses in international groups. We teach Spanish, Italian, and German through English with success.

Schedule and curriculum of courses

Based on information from the HR department we make a plan for classes that depends on individual customers’ needs. Our teachers are keen on conducting tailor-made lessons. We believe the materials, and the methods should be chosen depending on listeners’ goals. We deliver everyday language classes but also lessons dedicated to specialists like English for HR, English for IT, and English for producing departments. We usually give feedback in a report of progress after every term. It makes to be noticed the efforts of teachers and students.

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Language certificates

There is a possibility to graduate from the course with a certificate as a confirmation of language skills. The teachers prepare the oral exams but also listening, writing, and reading test. If you are interested in an external exam, the school is the TOEIC examination center. We also support recruiters in checking the language skills of potential future candidates for work based on the Pipplet test.

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Courses for business clients are tailor-made. The curriculum and materials are prepared when we get to know the needs of the company and employees. The price depends on a lot of factors. Contact us to know the details of the offer.


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