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Learn Polish online!

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Online teaching of foreign language undoubtedly gives us huge opportunities. All it takes today to gain knowledge and practice is a computer and access to the Internet. All domains of our life are inherently digitalised these days. Technology likewise encroached on education thus new methods and apps are constantly being developed and devised. Believe that traditional classes are as the same effective and rewarding as online. After first meeting you notice the value of online courses, for instance: share screen, show the presentation Power Point, use the short movie on YouTube or Ted. You will be able to practise every skill: speaking, writing, reading and likewise listening. It stands to reason during online classes the teacher can explain, guide, ask, illustrate, answer the questions like during traditional lessons. I say more, every meeting can be recorded by your teacher and send it to you. The same situation is with a white board which is used during your lesson.

Let’s meet online!

We work on a few platforms:
These platforms give us all IT tools: opportunity to organize videoconference for a group, to share a screen and materials, to show a presentation in Power Point, to use a whiteboard and a short movie during class. The key of success lies not in using a good platform. The vital is our passion, involvement and attitude for learners.

We remember about enriching vocabulary of our students so we use robust set of mobile applications, namely:

They enable us to make an incredible lesson which will be anchored in memory of learners.

Online lesson time duration

Class in small group (3,4,5 people)

90 min.

Individual class

60 min. or 90 min.

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